Posted by: Rob Lester | March 8, 2010

The amazing stomach cell

Consider the human stomach. It produces up to three quarts per day of hydrochloric acid which can dissolve iron nails but doesn’t harm itself. Why not? It is lined with mucus which is alkaline (and neutralizes the acid). It sheds cells and replaces them at the rate of half a million every minute. That means we get a completely new stomach lining every three days. Stomach cells have a cell wall which is totally impenetrable, not allowing even CO2 to pass through to the acid side. The other side, which faces away from the acid, has a normal cell wall which allows CO2 and nutrients to pass into the nucleus of the cell. No other cell in the body is made this way. Rightly did David say, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14).



  1. I am amazed time and time again on the intricate detail of our human bodies.

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