Posted by: Rob Lester | March 10, 2010

Evolution of a car

Lava flows downhill from a volcanic eruption. It melts iron ore in some rocks and this molten metal floats up to the top where it cools on the crust and forms into thin metal skins. As it crashes down the mountain, these skins roll and bend as they bounce off debris. Some of the metal chunks break off and form themselves into gears, rods, nuts, bolts, and wheels. As they tumble along, they come together into complex working assemblies (like transmissions and carburetors). The lava flows through a grove of banana trees and heats the sap which then transforms into a rubber compound which wraps itself around the wheels (and nowhere else). When the lava hits the beach, it heats the silicon in the sand into thin, glass sheets. When the whole mess reaches the ocean, it cools and hardens into the form of…a Model “T” Ford coupe. Sound ridiculous? So is the notion that random chemical reactions produced the human being who thought up this ridiculous scenario.


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