Posted by: Rob Lester | March 15, 2010

A horse is a horse (of course, of course)

Mythical horse evolution

We remember the Mr. Ed theme song.  But sometimes a horse is a missing link.  Eohippus is the star of evolutionary flow charts.  It shows this small creature evolved into successively larger animals and finally culminated in modern horses.  There are problems in the chart, though.  Darwinist evolution works under the assumption that life moves from simpler forms to more complex.  Eohippus, first in line, has toes (4 in front, 3 in back).  Toes are infinitely more complex structures than hooves.  Teeth structures also jump directly from one type to another without transitions.  Eohippus fossils have been found in geologic layers which are younger (on top of) those containing modern horse fossils.  This is like a chart proving dog evolution by beginning with a weiner dog, then a Basset hound, then a blood hound, and finally a Great Dane.  A horse is a horse, a dog is a dog, a monkey is a monkey, and a man is a man. Just like the Bible says God designed them to be from the beginning.


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