Posted by: Rob Lester | March 17, 2010

“Ancient” lava flows?

Radiometric dating methods (C14, KAr, etc.) are far from accurate.  They rely heavily upon uniformitarian assumptions. We have no hard proof that radioactive decay rates and atmospheric levels have remained the same since creation. Lava rock formations from Mt. Kilauea in Hawaii have been radiometrically dated at 22 million years old when local records prove the rocks in question were deposited by an eruption less than 200 years ago.  Quite a margin of error!  Geologists have dated rock samples from the 1980 Mt. St. Helens eruption in Washington at 350,000 years old by these same methods. Dates that are deemed as “too young” ( at least to evolutionists) are frequently discarded as aberrations.  True science does not permit one to toss out results simply because they do not match biased preconceptions.



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  2. […] Distant starlight was mentioned, and as Ham admitted, it is problem for both sides so it’s a wash. Regarding radiometric dating, evolutionist methods rely on trusting the unbiased objectivity of those in lab coats ( and accepting a series of unfounded assumptions. Creationists rightly and wisely question these assumptions which inevitably lead to erroneous results and ages and ( […]

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