Posted by: Rob Lester | March 23, 2010

Existence of comets is problematic

The existence of comets today presents a problem with the Big Bang Theory.  Astronomers believe comets were formed at the same time as everything else in the universe.  The tail of a comet is debris coming off of it (ice and dust).  There are short-period comets which last no more than 10,000 years and long-period comets lasting up to 50 million years.  If the universe is billions years old, why do we still have comets?  They should have disintegrated long ago.  For a comet to have lasted earth’s supposed 4.6 billion years it would have had to begin with a mass 10 to 19th power of our sun!  Just imagine a comet 10 times the diameter of our sun.  Now 10x10x10…nineteen times.  That’s a big comet!  The numbers just don’t add up.  Either the numbers are wrong or the theory is wrong.  Both come from the same “experts.”  Maybe it happened just the way God said it did in Genesis chapter one.



  1. Every time I read about comets and the Big Bang Theory I am reminded of Halley’s Comet. Some historians tell us man found it around 240 BC and in 1705 Edmond Halley figured it came around every 75 to 76 years (twice in a lifetime.) Yep, the Big Bang Theory has some problems.

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