Posted by: Rob Lester | March 25, 2010

Scientific accuracy of Bible writers

Bible writers never included the scientific errors and superstitions of their day (e.g. geocentrism).  Instead, they recorded what has always been proven accurate eventually.  Moses created quite a stir when he wrote by inspiration that woman had “seed” in Genesis 3:15.  Prevailing “wisdom” of that time asserted as fact that man carried all potential for life in his seed.  It was even suggested as recently as 300 years ago that a good, warm mudpack would serve as an equally functional incubator for man’s seed!  The life in the female ovum was not recognized by science until at least after 1694 (when a doctoral thesis was written still affirming man’s independent seed).  Where did Bible writers get their crazy ideas which were scoffed at by the “experts” of their day?  They got it from the source of ALL knowledge—God.



  1. And don’t you know the scientists scoffed at the Bible then just like they scoff now. Of course the big one they scoff at now is creation, but whether it’s proven true today, tomorrow or in 1,000 years, God knew better then and still knows better today. Think I’ll stick with Him!

  2. It makes you wonder what else that scientists are wrong about today.

  3. I’m looking forward to getting more information about this topic, don’t worry about negative opinions.

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