Posted by: Rob Lester | March 28, 2010

Hornless deer/rat is whale ancestor?

“It sounds like a stretch, but a new study suggests the missing evolutionary link between whales and land animals is an odd raccoon-sized animal that looks like a long-tailed deer without antlers.  Or an overgrown long-legged rat.”  That is the actual opening paragraph of an Associated Press article from Dec. 19, 2007.  The relationship was based upon similarities in this creature’s teeth and ear bone compared to whales.  It goes on, “The earliest whales…lost their legs and ability to walk on land about 40 million years ago.”  Isn’t evolution about gaining information?  Losing legs and walking ability sounds like devolution.  It is theorized that this “missing link” made the transition by mimicking the behavior of the African mousedeer which lives on land but jumps into water when threatened.  Of course!  As an amoeba develops from fish to frog to mammal, just when it gets this air-breathing, warm-blooded, land-dwelling thing down pat it jumps right back into the water.  Makes perfect sense. Incidentally, the best candidate before this “discovery” for the land/whale link was none other than…the hippopotamus!  An easy mistake anyone could make. Deer, rat, whale, hippo, whatever.  After this story, the Bible doesn’t sound very far-fetched at all.

Discovery News 12/19/07 by Seth Borenstein



  1. LOL.. that is some great stuff. I wonder where all the whale mouse fossils are :-/

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