Posted by: Rob Lester | April 5, 2010

Asteroid most likely…probably…certainly killed off dinosaurs (maybe)

A Reuters news article from 9/5/07 begins, “A collision 160 million years ago of two asteroids orbiting between Mars and Jupiter (one 105 miles wide and the other 40 miles wide) sent many big rocks hurtling toward Earth, including the one that zapped the dinosaurs.”  Sounds very definitive, doesn’t it?  However, this refers to the unproven theory that a six-mile-wide asteroid impacted near the Yucatan Peninsula causing global atmospheric catastrophe.  These findings came from “computer simulations calculated to a 90 % probability.”  How can they determine the exact age and diameter of these asteroids from a 90% accurate computer simulation? One scientist shamelessly referred to this as “clear evidence.”  Evolutionary scientists often make it sound as if they had a stopwatch and tape measure for their data.  Notice how many times words like “probably, likely, suggested, believed/thought to be, generally accepted” appear in reports such as these.  Hardly sounds definitive or certain. Darwinists and atheists would never allow Christians to get away with such vague, faith-based language posing as science.



  1. what do you think left this crater?

    • Logically, a massive meteorite crashed into the peninsula. But that’s where the data ends and conjecture begins about how that would have affected the earth’s biosystems on a global scale. To state as fact “That’s what killed the dinosaurs” is nothing more than an assertion. The wikipedia entry contains an “artist’s rendering.” That’s all the Xiclub/KT extinction theory is. A glorified artist’s rendering of what they suppose MIGHT have happened. That’s the whole point of the original post. Evolutionists make it sound as if there is no question whatsoever of their opinion being anything but fact. My interpretation of the data suggests the KT extinction event was more likely the global flood of Genesis chapter 7.

  2. fair enough. time will tell

  3. There are quite a few ideas floating around as to what may have killed off dinosaurs. However, a meteor impact is certainly a candidate. Everywhere one looks at the K/T boundary, there is a layer of iridium, indicative of a meteor crash.

    Some think it may have been a global disease, there are far more other ideas than you may think.

    Could you explain more how a global flood would so precisely kill off the dinosaurs and not some of the other fauna that survived?

    • First, there is dissent on the meaning of the iridium levels with regard to dating. Second, I never said the Flood killed ALL the dinosaurs. Noah was commanded to bring two of every kind (not species, but kind; likely at the “family” taxonomic level). God didn’t say noah had to bring adults either. I believe the dinos that came off the ark are the basis for worldwide cross-culture dragon legends and the numerous petroglyphs depicting dinosars and humans as contemporaries.

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