Posted by: Rob Lester | April 7, 2010

Evolutionists dismiss data on juicy T. rex bone

A 2006 Discover magazine article reported on Mary Schweitzer’s  controversial discovery in 2004 of soft tissue inside a T. rex leg bone which contained intact blood vessels and red blood cells.  The article pointed out, “It’s a matter of faith among scientists that soft tissue can survive at most for a few ten thousand years, not…65 million” (emph. added).  The findings were suspected not only because they challenged “accepted” timelines but also because Schweitzer is an evangelical Christian.  She had difficulty getting her results published.  Schweitzer remembered, “One journal reviewer said he didn’t care what the data said, he knew what I was finding wasn’t possible.  When I asked him, ‘What data would convince you?’  And he said, ‘None.’”  Objective science should go wherever the evidence leads.  Evolutionists always struggle to reconcile the obvious implications of these problematic discoveries with Darwinism, but creationists have no need to.  When viewed objectively and honestly, the data always fit perfectly with the creation model of an earth which has existed less than 10,000 years. Creationists find what they expect to find and Darwinists must contort and shoehorn the data to conform with their flawed theory. Evolutionists accuse creationists of bias and cherry-picking data but it is they who are being intellectually dishonest by ignoring and suppressing contradictory evidence.

Yeoman, Barry. “Schweitzer’s Dangerous Discovery.” Discover magazine April, 2006.



  1. Please read the Discover article which is cited at the bottom of the post. It is well worth your time.

  2. Excellent post, Rob. However, scientists will NEVER go wherever the evidence leads. That’s because the evidence will lead them straight to the Bible’s account of creation.

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