Posted by: Rob Lester | April 13, 2010

Neanderthal speech patterns guessed at

Researchers have created a model of a Neanderthal voicebox from fossils found in France.  They then replicated sounds through it by using a computer synthesizer.  After the true science was finished, conjecture and speculation took over.  “Experts question whether Neanderthals had the necessary fine nerves connected to tongue muscles and lips that would have enabled them to do more than just grunt.”  The fossils did not contain any tongue muscles or lips and certainly did not include any hard evidence from which to make assumptions about fine nerve connections.  And yet, evolutionists cannot and will not move past the cartoon image of the club-wielding, grunting caveman.  These stereotypes persist even though the examiner of the first Neanderthal fossils in 1859 determined they were modern humans afflicted with rickets and osteoperosis.  This article shows the need to read everything with a critical eye.

Discovery News April 16, 2008


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