Posted by: Rob Lester | April 23, 2010

Plate tectonics allows life on earth

Plate tectonics is critical for life on earth.  It helps regulate a stable climate and allows water to remain liquid (a necessity for life).  It does this by recycling carbon back into the atmosphere when plates collide and overrun each other.  It turns over sediment at the bottom of the ocean.  Volcanoes (which were formed by plate tectonics) also erupt and send carbon into the atmosphere.  This is all critical for life to exist on earth.  Is it coincidence that no other planet has plate tectonics?  Mars is too small to have enough interior heat to keep the process going.  Venus has no water and a solid crust so it is also dead.  Earth is just barely big enough to have internal heat and just wet enough to melt and recycle its crust.  This is called the “Goldilocks principle”.  In countless ways we are “just right.”  This is no accident.  It was designed by a Designer—God.


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