Posted by: Rob Lester | May 5, 2010

Gravity IS an exact science

Newton’s universal law of gravity is 6.67×10 to -11th power exactly.  If it was any stronger, all matter would soon be drawn together into a black hole, stars would burn out quicker, and matter would collapse in on itself.  If it was any weaker, all matter would fly apart and disintegrate.  Gravity had to be exact and constant at the birth of the universe, not gradually evolving and fine-tuning over billions of years.  We just got lucky on the first try.  No, not really. It was God.



  1. generally physics doesnt ‘evolve’. If gravity was different we wouldnt be here, youre right, if we werent here we wouldnt be having this argument. Therefore gravity is exactly right but there is no need for god.

  2. I appreciate the comment, but your argument is complete nonsense. You did not address the question of how gravity instantly appeared at just the right strength for life to exist.

  3. Gravity did not come into existence so life could exist. life exists because gravity is the way gravity is.

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