Posted by: Rob Lester | May 7, 2010

The science of Columbus’ faith

Christopher Columbus is often credited with proving the world was round (although Magellan circumnavigated the globe).  This voyage and idea had a surprising source of inspiration.  Simon Weisenthal wrote, “His concept of sailing west to reach the Indies was less the result of geographical theories than of his faith in certain biblical texts—specifically the book of Isaiah” (Sails of Hope 122).  In particular, these are Isaiah 42:10; 49:1; 51:5; and 65:1.  Columbus said himself in his proposal to the king and queen of Spain, “It became clear to me that is was feasible to navigate from here [Spain] to the Indies…Neither the sciences…nor the authoritative citations from them were of any avail…neither reason, nor mathematics, nor world maps were profitable to me; rather the prophecy of Isaiah was completely fulfilled”

Kay Brigham C.C.-His Life and Discovery in the Light of His Prophecies (p. 53-167)



  1. […] Your appeal to the majority opinion is a common tactic, but irrelevant. You are attempting to employ a logical fallacy known as the “Bandwagon Fallacy.” Truth is objective and is not affected by majority or minority acceptance. The world was never flat simply because most of the “scientific experts” of the day were convinced it was. Columbus had trouble financing his expedition to India because people thought his theory was laughable. That majority of doubt and ridicule for his theory did not make the world any less round. The greatest scientific discoveries are often made by pioneers who reject the status quo of “accepted science” and strike out in search of the truth. Incidentally, where did Columbus find inspiration for his voyage? The Bible, of course! […]

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