Posted by: Rob Lester | May 10, 2010

New ant species is proof of DEvolution?

Dr. Edward Wilson was thrilled by the recent discovery of a previously unknown species of ant.  This makes 14,001 species.  He described it as a, “primitive throwback to the first ant, a wasp that shed its wings and assigned all its descendants to live in earth, not their ancestral air.”  Isn’t evolution about adding information and moving from simple to complex forms?  We all came from slime, after all, didn’t we?  We started as single cell organisms and multiplied becoming more and more complex in structure until we ended up as humans.  A wasp’s wings are vastly complex structures.  Wouldn’t the loss or abandonment of them be DEvolution?  Darwinism is supposed to be this steady march from simple to more advanced life forms.  Isn’t it much simpler and more logical, in light of the evidence, to recognize that each life form was designed to function just as it does? 

New York Times “Scientist At Work” By Nicholas Wade 7/15/08


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