Posted by: Rob Lester | May 14, 2010

90 miles short for the “geologic column”

Evolutionists have created the “geologic column” of strata which show the 10 geologic periods of history.  85% of the earth’s surface does not even have 3 of the 10 in the “correct” order and nowhere are all 10 present.  To place all the fossil record in “proper evolutionary order” they need 95 miles of sedimentation layers.  The earth’s crust is only averages 25 miles thick and only 5 of those miles are sedimentation.  The rest are devoid of life.  They are 90 miles short!



  1. Mr. Lester,
    I am a HS science teacher at a Christian school in the Pittsburgh area. I would like to share this information with my students to illustrate the artificiality of the “geologic column,” but can you tell me where you got these numbers from?
    Thank you, and God bless,

    • Sam,
      I must apologize first. This was one of my earlier posts and I wasn’t always diligent about documentation early on. I can’t remember where I got this. As such, I probably need to pull it down from the blog but I will leave it up so others can read your comment and my reply. Here are some sources you may find helpful relating to the geologic column: (creationwiki is a very conservative creationist site and many evolutionists dismiss it as propaganda, much like creationists are suspicious of sites like Fair warning if you are trying to debate an evolutionist. They probably won’t accept anything cited from there)

      These should get you on the right track. Thanks for reading and for your comment!

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