Posted by: Rob Lester | May 21, 2010

Missing the forest for the tree (dweller)

Australopithecus afarensis, better known as “Lucy” is the Holy Grail of missing links.  This female specimen is hailed as the jump between tree-dwelling apes and ground-dwelling, bipedal humans.  Some skeptical scientists (including evolutionists) have pointed out the numerous similarities between “Lucy” and chimpanzees.  Her pelvis, arms, wrists, metacarpals, ear structure, teeth, and ribcage all seem much more ape-like than human and better adapted to tree-dwelling than bipedalism. Consider this telling quote from Donald Johansen (Lucy’s discoverer): “There is no such thing as a total lack of bias. I have it; everybody has it. The fossil hunter in the field has it…. In everybody who is looking for hominids, there is a strong urge to learn more about where the human line started. If you are working back at around three million, as I was, that is very seductive, because you begin to get an idea that that is where Homo did start. You begin straining your eyes to find Homo traits in fossils of that age…. Logical, maybe, but also biased. I was trying to jam evidence of dates into a pattern that would support conclusions about fossils which, on closer inspection, the fossils themselves would not sustain (Johanson and Edey, 1981, pp. 257,258, emp. added).

Harrub, Brad and Bert Thompson. “Lucy Dethroned”

Johanson, Donald C. and Maitland Edey (1981), Lucy: The Beginnings of Humankind (New York: Simon & Schuster).



  1. And this is the kind of double-talk that is taken as science! Dr. Johansen needs to admit that a chimp is a chimp.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I was stunned by the arrogance of Johansen’s statement. It is very revealing about those of his stripe. Thanks for taking the time to check out the blog!

  3. I recently altered this post because I could not locate the citation for the quote in the original post. Therefore, I replaced it with another quote (equally arrogant and shocking) for which I did have a citation. I seek to be as honest and accurate in this blog as I can.

    Here is the original uncited quote for your consideration. I will continue to hunt for the source and hopefully will repost it.

    Donald Johansen: “The similarities between afarensis [Lucy] and chimpanzees are so striking that modern chimpanzees by my definition would be classified as Australopithecus afarensis.”

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