Posted by: Rob Lester | May 24, 2010

The placenta—the wonder organ

The most amazing organ in the human body may well be the lowly placenta.  While the unborn baby’s vital organs are developing, the placenta operates as its lungs, kidneys, digestive system, liver, and immune system until they fully develop.  Until they are mature these organs are useless.  The placenta does this so well that even when some of these organs fail to develop, the baby can survive until birth.  The placenta is attached to the wall of the uterus by about 20 large arteries.  When the placenta is expelled after birth, these arteries are severed.  In order to regulate proper blood flow to the baby, the placenta suppresses blood-clotting during pregnancy.  Imagine a hemophiliac with 20 severed arteries!  Left unchecked, the mother would bleed to death in less than ten minutes.  Each artery is designed with a muscular sphincter which acts like a drawstring to close the artery.  Who designed it that way?  Who keeps the woman’s body from rejecting the baby as an invading organism?  The same God whom David praised when he said “I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”  The God of the Bible.

Answers in Genesis 1/1/07 David Menton, Ph.D.



  1. I think these are my favorite types of Christian evidences! Anything that has to do with the amazing process of bringing one of God’s blessings into this world.

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