Posted by: Rob Lester | May 26, 2010

Earth’s consistent (and lucky?) orbit

As the earth orbits the sun it only deviates from a straight line by 1/9th of an inch every 18 miles.  If it was 1/10th of an inch we would be incinerated.  If 1/8th we would freeze to death.  Its orbit is perfectly balanced to allow seasons for growing food.  If seasons were much longer or shorter we could not grow enough food for life to survive.  We sure got lucky on the first try.  Not really.  It was according to the design of the Grand Designer—God. 

Science Digest Jan/Feb 1981 89[1]:124



  1. Please provide sources – Your goldilocks argument needs quite the evidence.

    LINK PROVIDED (one of my vids)

    • I posted your comment minus the link to your video. This page is not a billboard for others’ personal causes. There are discussion groups for that. I will not post links that I cannot be certain of the sources or accuracy of.

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