Posted by: Rob Lester | June 2, 2010

If the Bible is accurate on “little” things….

An October article in the Washington Times was titled, “Clay Seal Connects to Bible.”  Near the supposed site of David’s palace in Israel, a tiny clay seal was excavated.  These seals were used to secure official documents much like wax seals were later used.  The document has long since deteriorated or burned leaving only the clay seal which bound it.  The seal bears the name of “Gedaliah Ben Pashur.”  “Ben” in Hebrew means “son of.”  It was found in the same place another clay seal was found two years ago bearing the name of Jucal, the son of Shemaliah.  Both of these men were mentioned in Jer. 38:1—the same verse!  It would be very unusual to find four names in perfect relationship of father to son by pure accident.  This is strong evidence that these people not only really existed, but they existed in the place the Bible says and at the time the Bible says.  One is forced to ask the question: if the Bible is proven to be accurate even in such seemingly minor details, isn’t it likely to be true concerning the “big” things too?  Things such as the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ?


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