Posted by: Rob Lester | June 10, 2010

Scientists Wrong about Neanderthals (again)

An article from Reuters news service in 2007 revealed evidence which showed Neanderthals migrating into Siberia—much further from their European roots than previously thought.  You can find at least one new article every month about how previous assumptions were wrong and Neanderthals are not as “primitive” as scientists once thought.  They are edging ever closer to modern humans.  That is because THEY ARE!  Let’s review (again).  In 1856 Rudolf Virchow examined the very first Neanderthal skull.  He determined (with mid-19th century science and equipment) that it was a modern human afflicted with rickets and osteoporosis.  A 1958 study (over 100 years later) verified this result and added arthritis to the specimen’s likely ailments.  The foremost authority on Neanderthals (Erik Trinkaus) determined in 1978 that Neanderthals are in NO WAY INFERIOR to modern humans.  Yet, the stooped, grunting caveman cartoon persists.  Svante Paabo (the researcher in the Reuters article) said, “They are our [modern humans’] closest relatives. If you saw one in the street, he or she would strike you as very robust and muscular, with a big brow ridge…but they had just as big a brain as we have”  Have you ever seen a person with a big forehead and bad posture and immediately assumed he was another species or some sort of sub-human?  Neanderthals are examples of the tremendous genetic variety God designed into human beings.  He did this in just the way He plainly says He did in Genesis.

Dunham, Will. “Neanderthals trekked into Siberia.” Reuters: News in Science 2/10/07



  1. I find it really sad and double-standardish (if I may) that most creationists deny scientific finds. However, when those VERY SAME SCIENTISTS debunk their own prior discoveries and admit a fault, creationists jump ALL OVER it in glee.

    Science is self-correcting.

    • We do not deny scientific finds as if to say, “No, you really didn’t find that fossil!” That would be ridiculous. What we deny is the evolutionist interpretation of that find. Science SHOULD be self-correcting. Again, my point is that evolutionists don’t always “KNOW” what they initially think they know. Skepticism is warranted and wise in these situations. It’s called critical thinking.

      • Agreed, constant skepticism is healthy in any discovery. My point, however, is that why do creationists ALWAYS harp on an admission of an identity mistake on a hominid discovery?

      • For the same reason liberal atheists always cheer over a conservative/religious person getting caught with his pants down. It is merely rejoicing over your “enemy’s” downfall (which is forbidden in Proverbs 24:17). Creationists should not respond with glee, but it only reinforces the need for skepticism in assessing the veracity of sensational evolutionist announcements (remember Ida?)

  2. I surely do. Media frenzied over it before it could be thoroughly examined and properly classified – Even I thought it was a bad idea for it to be glamorized before being properly studied.

  3. Well, science and religion have had somewhat of a “shotgun wedding” in this case. That Neanderthal DNA courses through most all non-African peoples is absolutely fascinating to me!

    Have both you and Shawn read these findings? Spectacular. Neanderthals were.. are us. Just as surely as Asians, Africans, Anglos, Aboriginals, etc… Look a little different, but still the same stuff. I would take the argument much farther that Homo Neanderthal though…. maybe another post.

    Are there any other “Evolutionary Theists” out there?

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