Posted by: Rob Lester | June 14, 2010

The importance of tears

Tears are the lubricant of the eye. With every blink the eyelids sweep across the surface of the eyeball carrying away dust and harmful particles while evenly spreading the tears.  Tears contain lysozime, one of the most effective antibacterial/antiviral agents ever known.  Those who have ever had eye infections know how important this is to comfort as well as eyesight.  Onions cause our eyes to tear up to neutralize the sulphuric acid in them which could cause severe damage.  Scientists have also discovered many benefits of crying.  Studies prove that tears shed by emotion remove harmful toxins from the body which are not affected by tears from an onion, for example.  Crying lowers the level of manganese in the body, a mineral which affects mood.  Crying also releases endorphins which lower stress levels and improve mood.  Crying is also effective communication, provoking sympathy from others in times of stress and sorrow.  All air-breathing animals produce tears but only humans can cry.  Our Creator endowed us with this unique ability for our own health benefit as well as that of society.  The Bible describes our miraculous creation in its opening pages.

AIG Creation Sep. 1993 “Miracle of Tears”


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