Posted by: Rob Lester | June 16, 2010

Is the Earth just “hanging around?”(Job 26:7)

During the Patriarchal Age (ca. 2000 B.C.) Job wrote that God “hangs the earth on nothing.”  Most ancient “science” believed that the earth was supported by something.  The Greeks had Atlas; the Hindus-4 enormous elephants; the Egyptians-giant solid crystal spheres.  Not until Magellan circled the globe in the 16th century was the “flat earth” belief successfully refuted.  Everyone also “knew” the earth was center of solar system and everything else moved around it (geocentricity) until this was later disproven.  Neither of these discoveries came to the mind of man until 3,500 years after Job wrote this down by divine inspiration.   How did he know then what science would only know much later?  God told him. So often we see the Bible in sharp contrast to the accepted scientific consensus and “certainty” of that present day.  Sadly, we even see this in our time.  You can trust the Bible to be true in all times and circumstances.


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