Posted by: Rob Lester | June 23, 2010

T. rex blood vessels just biofilm?

Mary Schweitzer discovered a T. rex leg bone in 2004 which contained intact blood vessels that could not have survived 65 million years (see earlier post: “Evolutionists dismiss evidence on juicy T. rex bone” ).  In the summer of 2008, evolutionary scientists attempted to discredit this evidence.  The experiment was recreated in a lab with dinosaur bones from the same area Dr. Schweitzer found the first sample.  Although the team admitted, “We are not experts in this field,” this lab determined that what appeared to be soft tissue were in fact bacterial biofilm.  It was stated that these structures are too common in other fossils to be “exceptionally preserved” as Dr. Schweitzer believed, seeing her own sample as a fluke.  I couldn’t agree more.  I believe these structures are just what they appear to be, but that they are found in many other fossils because they are recent (just as the T. rex leg bone is).  Again, this is exactly what we would expect to find if the world and all the fossils in it are thousands of years old, not billions—just as the Bible clearly indicates by a literal reading of Genesis. (see Item #2 in “News to Note”)



  1. Evolutionists simply refuse to accept the evidence that proves their theory wrong. This is hardly a scientific approach. If they had followed the scientific method, the theory of evolution would have been discarded long ago.

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