Posted by: Rob Lester | June 30, 2010

Are “Hobbits?” real?

Homo floresiensis, better known as the “hobbit” (named after the small characters from the Tolkien novels), was found on an island near Indonesia. The remains consisted of a skull, one arm, hips and legs.  This creature was just under four feet tall with a small brain pan in the skull.  It was identified by evolutionary anthropologists as a missing link during the time when humans’ brains grew larger.  An artist’s drawing showed this creature as an ape-like, hair-covered beast carrying a crude spear, but curiously with a thoughtful look on the face perhaps to make it appear more “human.”  Evidence of stone tools and mastery of fire was found nearby.  Some scientists have suggested this one skull was of a dwarf/pygmy or an individual with microcephaly.  Discoverers conducted a comparison between this one sample and ten other “modern human” skulls and nine microcephalic skulls.  Poor methods of comparison resulted in inconclusive results, but strongly favored the assertion that this was a modern human with either dwarfism or microcephaly.  Strangely, no pygmy/dwarf skulls were compared in the study.  One sample does not a species make.  But, all too often, to evolutionists it does.

Falk, D.; Hildebolt, C.; et al (February 2, 2007). “Brain shape in human microcephalics and Homo floresiensis”. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 104 (7): 2513.



  1. Pastor Lester,

    That God created us in his image I believe to be most truthful. I am your brother in Christ and will shout that to all who would listen.

    I would also shout out to anyone in listening range that the design, methods and deployment of his creations are largely beyond our comprehension. I would ask you to look closer at all the evidence that has been gathered regarding Homo Floresiensis and see that there are many individuals now documented through their fossils found in that cave that exhibit the same physical stature. Homo Floresiensis had brains much smaller than ours. I don’t think most forms of dwarfism or pygmies suffer from decreased brain size. These Hobbits are only one point of discussion we could engage in and I hope to have a dialogue with you and others on here.

    I do believe these individuals existed in a unique form and if indeed they were the creators of the tools found at the same site that they probably were “Human”. Human, in that they were by God’s design and probably laughed, loved and in some form or fashion, worshipped him.

    Mr. Lester, I implore you look into the possibility the God created us using methods that may fall outside of traditional paradigms. God’s scales of time may be quite different from ours today.

    There is really not much need for science and religion to clash. Who are we to question “how” God creates?

    • Thanks for the comment Patrick. And just call me Rob, please. Science and religion only “clash” when man’s suppositions and theories attempt to override Bible truth. It is a whole different argument about Biblical authority, language and style of Scriptures, and the veracity of God’s word. I firmly believe God could have chosen to be ambiguous or “leave room” for long ages but He chose not to. He spoke as plainly as He possibly could with context and word choice. I simply don’t believe we have the option of taking Genesis as anything but literal history.

      Thanks for checking out the blog and taking the time to comment. I hope you will check back often and help me be fair.

  2. Rob,
    I have read a few studies on the world wide web (it’s reputation for factual information being questionable) about Homo Floresiensis, It seems the “brain size” and “energy consumption” are rather sketchy comparisons. One study did mention the size of humans “adapting” rather rapidly to environmental influences. Maybe Homo Floresiensis lived in hovels like the Hobbits?

    As an aside I, for one, am thankful to God for allowing me to “question” why He created the way He did and NOT striking me dead for doing so.

    The joy of the Lord is my strength!

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