Posted by: Rob Lester | July 5, 2010

Binary stars—something old and something new?

Binary stars present a problem for evolutionists defending the Big Bang Theory.  A binary star is two stars bound together by gravity and spinning around a common center.  90% of all stars are binary.  They must consist of an “old” star and a “young” star.  All stars were formed at roughly the same time after the Big Bang (according to evolutionists).  Astronomers say they only appear different ages because one aged faster than the other.  Is it not equally possible for all stars to have aged faster thus making them appear to be billions of years old? Consistent and predictable science depends on everything being constant from the beginning. The cry of uniformitarianism is: “the present is the key to the past.”  How can one star age “faster” than one next to it?  How can we trust any conclusions drawn from this assumption which is nothing but a guess?  There is one source of reliable information which never changes or has to be adjusted because of conflicting evidence or new discoveries—the Bible.

Sky and Telescope “Origin of Binary Stars” by S.S. Huang,1967.

Binary and Multiple Systems of Stars, by A.H. Batten, Pergamon Press, 1973.



  1. I fail to see what cosmology has to do with evolution whatsoever. “Evolutionists” say nothing concerning the formation of stars and their lifespans.

    • Sorry. I have addressed this on other posts but I will again for clarity. I know evolution is more concerned with processes after the Big Bang. But, when astronomers assign ages of millions and billions of years to stars and planets, it stands in contrast to a created young earth. They necessarily support the theory that things slowly evolved over millenia. I use “evolution” as a counterpoint to special creation. It is not perfect, but it is useful for the layman (of which I consider myself one). I also use the term “Darwinist” to distinguish between atheistic evolutionists and Christians who believe in long ages of time (AKA “theistic evolutionists). All of these terms seem to offend at least some of the readers. I apologize for that, but if I cannot speak in generalities I cannot communicate. These are the usages I have settled upon for right or wrong. I hope this clears up any misunderstanding.

  2. The bible has adjusted throughout time because humanity changes. we don’t stone non-virgins anymore, do we? so how are you going to say that’s “reliable” and “never changes”?
    perhaps you should read up more before writing something if you do not have enough information about it because if you had, then you’d understand how astronomers and astrophysicists have concluded that one star can age quicker than another.

    • B,
      Thank you for taking time to read the blog and comment. The point of my post was the silliness of the attempted explanation of one star operating in violation of laws of physics while the star next to it is immune. We obviously disagree about this. You encourage me to “read up more before writing something if you do not have enough information about it.” That is always a good idea. I might humbly suggest that you read up more on the Bible before making a hasty comment about it. If you did so honestly, then you would find that the scriptures have never changed since their original writing nor have they been “adjusted.” What has changed over the centuries is man’s interpretation of those original writings. The Bible says exactly what it has always said. Self-proclaimed Bible “experts” have chipped away at the simplicity and authority of the Bible in order to accomodate man’s flawed theories. These theories have indeed changed over time (Flat earth, abiogenesis, embryonic recapitulation, Steady-State theory, etc.). When the Bible is read honestly and applied uniformly, it does not nor will it ever contradict itself or be proven wrong. At least, I haven’t witnessed it yet. Thanks again for your thoughts.

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