Posted by: Rob Lester | July 12, 2010

Nuzi tablets verify Bible record

In the 1920’s, over 5,000 tablets were discovered in what is now northern Iraq.  They contain information on many peculiar customs, especially some which have been used by Bible critics to attack the validity of the Bible record.  A wife who was barren could provide a concubine for her husband to have children (Sarah/Hagar Gen. 16:2).  A man who could not pay a dowry for his bride could work for the bride’s family to “earn” her (Jacob for Rachel Gen. 29:18).  They explained that teraphim (household idols were proof of title to property (Rachel stealing Laban’s idols in Gen. 31).  Critics charge, “There’s too much crazy stuff in there to believe the Bible.”  Not so.  There was also another important discovery at Nuzi.  “The team found that some Nuzi jewelry was made brass. ‘Finding brass at Nuzi is incredibly important,’ explains [Chris] Dixon. ‘It’s generally thought that brass wasn’t regularly produced until 1,000 BC.  Our results push the history of brass-making back a thousand years.”  Time and time again we see how our ancient ancestors were not as “primitive” as we are led to believe.  Archaeology is finally catching up with and verifying what Bible students knew to be true all this time.

Boston University Bridge 5/15/03 “Research Briefs” by Joan Schwartz


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