Posted by: Rob Lester | July 14, 2010

Brilliantly designed bombardier beetle

A tiny insect known as the bombardier beetle is equipped with an amazing defense system.  When threatened, he combines and fires two combustible chemicals from twin tubes in his tail.  Hydrogen peroxide and hydroquinone are what makes up the explosive mixture. The beetle secretes a special inhibitor chemical which keeps them from reacting before the beetle desires.  Two enzymes (catalase and peroxidase) make the chemical reaction in the combustion chamber go much faster than normal—causing them to violently explode.  This noxious mixture shoots into the face of an attacker with a loud pop at boiling temperatures.  Fine muscular control allows the beetle to fire several bursts in rapid succession from a 270-degree directional turret.  How could this incredibly complex system evolve over time?  If just one of these numerous components was out of sync, the beetle would explode and not survive to pass on his genes!  They must have been present and working perfectly the very first time.  This shows the miraculous design of God’s Creation as written in the opening verses of the Bible.



  1. i love this

  2. I am a catholic but I believe all creationist theorems are false. There is no way God would have an animal workbench where he created every species. The book of Genesis was created to give an easy to understand example of creation, it is not a book of fact. The way all of this happened was though Divine Intervention. God sent the right elements, at the right speed, at the perfect angle, with the precise velocity to make the universe and all of it’s life including you unique just like this beetle. Creationists are embarrassing Christianity by posting radical theories on the internet that are severely wrong. If you don’t believe me ask God Himself. He’ll have all the answers, He started it.

    • Donavan,
      Thank you for reading the blog and taking time to comment. While you casually dismissed the mountains of creation evidence, I didn’t hear much science in your comment. I would be interested to know how you explain problems with Big Bang cosmology such as the horizon problem, the flatness problem, entropy (2nd Law of Thermodynamics), the percentage of matter vs. anti-matter, existence of comets, magnetic field reversals, and several others. And I don’t need to ask God because He already told me–in the divinely inspired Bible. He indeed DOES have all the answers and was kind enough to share them with us, if only we will listen without prejudice. I hope you will continue reading the blog and learning how God’s word is true, accurate, and worthy of all acceptance.

  3. Dear Brother Rob Lester,

    I am the owner of a Chinese Apologetic website ( I am in the process of translating an article about the Bombardier Beetle, supporting creation, not evolution. However, the original article has no picture of this beetle, therefore, I wonder if I can copy your picture onto my webpage. Is your above picture copyrighted? Please inform me.

    Thanks, Lois Chan

    • All the images I use are public domain so feel free. Blessings on your website.

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