Posted by: Rob Lester | July 24, 2010

A stitch in time saves Neanderthals

A recent study suggests that Neanderthals died out, giving way to modern humans, because of inadequate clothing when the last ice age hit Europe.  The theory goes like this: modern humans living in the colder climates where Neanderthals thrived were more vulnerable to colder climates and therefore were forced to develop thicker, multilayered clothing.  Researchers have found blades, needles, and tools which indicate they stitched complex clothing using these tools.  Neanderthals handled cold fine until the ice age came suddenly and left no time for them to develop this “complex clothing.”  They have found evidence some Neanderthals in France made sewing tools, but “this would not have been enough to save the species.”  This is pure, wild speculation, but the article sounds like they had videotape!  Previously, anthropologists KNEW humans and Neanderthals never lived together (because we all KNOW humans evolved from them, right?).  Now, however, the evidence forces them to admit both groups of people lived at the same time in the same places.   At one time, they KNEW humans beat out Neanderthals for survival because studies showed they made better hunting tools and got more food.  Now, they admit Neanderthals were successful hunters with tools every bit as advanced.  Will future studies prove this new theory wrong too?  How long until researchers find evidence that Neanderthals did indeed make complex clothing on a large scale?  If this trend of error remains consistent, probably not long.  Mal. 3:6 “I, God, do not change.”  Jms. 1:17 With the Father “there is no variation or shifting shadow.”  What refreshing consistency.

“Neanderthals Stitched Too Little Too Late” by Anna Salleh ABC Science Online 1/3/08


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