Posted by: Rob Lester | July 28, 2010

By what way is light divided (Job 38:24)?

God inquired of Job, “By what way is light divided?” (Job 38:24). The word “divided” is from the Hebrew halaq, meaning to divide or apportion (cf. Numbers 26:53). Light literally can be parted. When sunlight passes through a transparent prism, the sunlight is broken into a band of seven colored lights called a spectrum. We see this in the colors of the rainbow.  Sir Isaac Newton eventually discovered this, yet the writer of the book of Job knew it first. How? God told him.  Creationist Morton Smith said that with each so-called discovery we make, man is only “rethinking God’s thoughts after Him.” (Morton Smith, “The Theological Significance of the Doctrine of Creation,” p. 244)


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