Posted by: Rob Lester | August 4, 2010

Pine tree pollen spores in Grand Canyon rocks

Since the 1960’s studies have been done on pollen spores from plants in the rock layers of the Grand Canyon.  They first found numerous specimens of pollen spores from pine, spruce, hemlock, and fir trees in all layers of the rocks, even Pre-Cambrian layers supposed to be over 500 million years old.  Pine trees (conifers) were not supposed to have existed until the Carboniferous era (ca. 300 million years ago).  The geologists “knew” it was impossible to have pine tree pollen spores in rocks 200 million years before they existed, so they assumed the samples had been contaminated by modern plants.  They gathered numerous other samples, taking great care to protect them against contamination.  The results were exactly the same.  So, yet again the evidence does not support Darwinist evolution but it fits perfectly with the Genesis record.  That pollen would have been floating all around for the year or so that the floodwaters raged on the earth and deposited the layers of sediment in the walls of the Grand Canyon. 

Jackson, Wayne. Christian Courier “Lessons from the Grand Canyon” 6/10/08


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