Posted by: Rob Lester | August 6, 2010

Archaeoraptor: a teachable moment and cautionary tale

The past few years have seen a flood of fossils from China which allegedly show dinosaurs evolving into birds.  It is critically important to Darwinism that a link is shown between dinosaurs and birds.  The star of these recent bird-dino fossils is Archaeoraptor. It is a more or less modern looking bird with a lizard-like tail.  In 1999 National Geographic magazine published articles heralding Archaeoraptor as the long awaited (and desperately needed) missing link between dinosaurs and birds.  The primary article was entitled: “Feathers for T. rex?” But, in March of 2000 National Geographic reluctantly published the truth about this “fossil.”  It was proven by CT scans to be a lizard’s tail glued onto a bird’s body.  To date, several of these Chinese bird fossils have been exposed as fakes.  This has become a very lucrative business to Chinese farmers who are getting better and better at their forgery.  They know the voracious appetite of Darwinists for these dino-bird fossils. This appetite is fueled by their desperation to find a true transitional form of one species turning into another.  This just reminds us to take sensational news stories of alleged “discoveries” with a grain of salt.   There is one source of information which never changes or has been proven false—the Bible.

Sloan, C.P., Feathers for T. Rex?, National Geographic 196(5):98–107, November 1999.

For the correspondence which led to exposure of the hoax:


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