Posted by: Rob Lester | August 23, 2010

Suffocation by sediment testifies to Flood

A baby mammoth was found in Siberia in 2007.  It was so well preserved that the trunk , clumps of hair, and even eyelashes were intact.  Sediment was packed into her trunk, mouth, and windpipe leading scientists to conclude she died by suffocation.  They believe the animal perished in the thick mud of a bog or marsh.  In 2004, three large mammoths and two woolly rhinos were discovered which had also been rapidly buried and died by suffocation.  Seasonal melting of permafrost could produce such bogs, but these same layers of ground melt and refreeze.  What would have buried these large creatures in permafrost well underneath these layers?  It will not do to suggest they were simply trapped in marshy areas, because these large creatures could have pulled themselves out of shallow bogs.  Back to the baby mammoth in Siberia, Alexei Tikhonov of the Russian Academy of Science notes, “When you look at [Lyuba], it’s hard to understand how she could have stayed in such good condition for nearly 40,000 years.” I couldn’t agree more! Time and time again we see evolutionists scrambling to shoehorn contradictory evidence into Darwinism with each new discovery.  Yet, over and over, these fit quite neatly into a young earth model which requires no mental gymnastics to honest interpreters of the evidence.  Those who believe in the biblical account of a worldwide flood are neither surprised nor perplexed by any of these discoveries.  They are exactly what we would expect if everything happened just as the Bible says it did.



  1. Great stuff Rob! Keep up the good work.

  2. does this prove the bible right? that a flood did this to the elephant…and not just any other flood but of the capacity that happened to Noah?\

    • Vilisi,
      Let me make this clear. This fossil does not “prove the Bible.” No fossil or any other piece of evidence does either. The Bible is either true or it isn’t. What this fossil does prove is that an animal was found in a state of death and preservation that perfectly matches what the Bible records. If there was a worldwide flood, as the Bible clearly states, then we would expect to find fossils exactly like this one. There are many other fossils and other pieces of evidence which give credibility to the Bible record. This blog is dedicated to exposing people to evidences like these which support the Bible as accurate history. Again, they don’t prove the Bible, but they build a convincing case when we see time after time that what we find in nature and through archaeology fit with the belief in a recent worldwide flood. Thank you for your comment and interest in these things. God bless!

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