Posted by: Rob Lester | August 25, 2010

High and dry marine fossils

Marine fossils (particularly clams, snails, and trilobites) are found in sediment layers all over the world. Some, amazingly, are found even at very high elevations.  Ammonites (cephalopods) have been found in the Himalayas at over 29,000 feet above sea level!  How could small marine creatures get so high?  Only a global flood could have placed them there.  True, today’s mountain ranges were formed by violent tectonic activity during the flood and may have originally been somewhat lower in elevation than today. But, how did the organisms get there in those layers which were pushed up to begin with? The oceans, and the life within them, must have covered the continents.  The flood could not have just been a local event, as some Bible critics claim.  The evidence supports the Bible record.


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