Posted by: Rob Lester | August 30, 2010

Neanderthals: more than just grunts?

You can hardly go a week without reading a news article about some startling and unexpected discovery about Neanderthals, especially since they finished mapping the Neanderthal gene sequence in 2009.  One new discovery was that Neanderthals possess the gene known as FOXP2 which is linked to speech development in modern humans.  People with non-functioning FOXP2 genes have speech problems.  It has been pointed out that language is one thing that clearly separates humans from animals.  How interesting that with each “startling” new discovery about Neanderthals (their art, tools, clothing, physiology) they move increasingly further from the grunting, hunched-over caveman cartoon and ever closer to modern humans.  Let me remind you that the examiner of the first Neanderthal fossils determined that they were merely modern humans with rickets and osteoporosis.  These “missing links” in human evolution are fiercely defended by Darwinists because when one is identified as a merely variation of a modern human, it removes one link in the long chain supposedly spanning millions of years.  When any link is removed, it pushes modern humans closer back to the beginning.  They seem to fear that one day humans will make their way back to the very beginning of life.  This is exactly what the Bible says happened.  Jesus Himself said, “He who created them from the beginning made them male and female” (Mt. 19:4).  Jesus is talking about marriage here.  Do apes marry? No, only people do. You can trust the words of Jesus and you can trust the Bible.

“Neanderthals May Have Talked” by Michael Kahn Reuters News 10/18/07


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