Posted by: Rob Lester | September 8, 2010

Trophy hunting causes DEvolution

Studies have shown that the average size of Kodiak bears has declined due to trophy hunting pressure. Bigger bears are targeted and killed, thus are unable to pass on their genes.  Tuskless African elephants used to comprise 2% of the population, now in certain groups the percentage has risen to 38, also due to hunting pressure.  Darwinists point to this as yet another case of “evolution in action” right before our eyes.  This is actually just natural selection at work.  But notice what is happening.  Genetic information for larger body sizes and tusks is being lost, not added.  Natural selection only removes things, it never adds anything new.  Antibiotic-resistant bacteria survive because they have lost the genetic vulnerability to the drugs, not because they have gained some new protective trait.  To get from amoeba to monkey to man requires that incredible amounts of new information must be added to organisms.  Evolution is not simply change, which we indeed see all around us.  Examples of natural selection and “evolution in action” put forth by Darwinists are in reality devolution—going backwards.  But never forget that antibiotic-resistant bacteria are still bacteria.  Tuskless elephants are still elephants.  Man is still (and always will be) man; made in the image of God.  Just as the Bible says.

LiveScience: “Trophy Hunting Causing ‘Reverse Evolution’” Robert Roy Britt, Editorial Director     06 January 2009


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