Posted by: Rob Lester | September 10, 2010

Versions of the Tower of Babel

A monument to an ancient king named Ur-Nammu says he tried to build a great temple tower to a moon god.  Another tablet says the gods were offended at this effort and broke down what he had built.  The gods also scattered his people and made their language strange.  This is remarkably similar to Gen. 11 and the events of the Tower of Babel. Bible critics say that Genesis (and the rest of the OT) was not written until after the Babylonian captivity (536 B.C.).  Ur-Nammu was king from 2044-2007 B.C.  and he apparently knew of the Babel account.  It is common to see such crossover and adaptation of ancient legends in different cultures, but this is unusually specific.  When these shared legends occur, the evidence strongly favors that the later culture adopted the biblical record and not the other way around.  A very famous archaeologist once said that “with every turn of a shovel, more evidence verifying the accuracy of the Bible is uncovered.”  This is just one example from the mountain of evidence in the field of archaeology which testifies to the truth of the Scriptures.



  1. Thanks for the information Rob. I never knew (or don’t remember learning) about this monument. Keep up the good work 🙂

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