Posted by: Rob Lester | October 8, 2010

What’s a bird like you doing in an era like this?

The fossilized remains of Eoconfuciusornis zhengi, or “the dawn of Confucius bird” were found in China just outside Beijing in 2006. It is a relatively modern-looking bird with symmetrical tail feathers and wings very similar to today’s birds.  The fossil has been dated at 131 million years old by researchers. The problem is with some of its supposed relatives. Archaeopteryx, long heralded as a half bird-half dinosaur transitional form, came before this new species according to evolutionists. But, another alleged feathered dinosaur known as Microraptor gui, appears LATER in the fossil record. Most evolutionists have declined to comment on this problematic finding, and the few who have made statements have been very vague. Xu Xing (the Chinese paleontologist who named M. gui) simply said, “it adds to the remarkable diversity of the species.”  Not exactly a ringing endorsement. Answers in Genesis wonders, “if that silence and those generic responses are a tacit acknowledgment that this ‘modern’ bird shouldn’t have shown up so ‘early’ in the fossil record.”  Indeed.

Platt, Kevin Holden. “Dino-era Bird Fossil Found.” National Geographic News 5/6/08

Answers in Genesis “News to Note.” 5/10/08



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