Posted by: Rob Lester | October 11, 2010

Neanderthals and dental hygiene

Late-night TV comedians love to make fun of British people’s lack of dental hygiene. We would never dream of suggesting that this indicated some kind of primitive, sub-human status for Brits, would we?  A Reuters News Service article reported a recent examination of Neanderthal teeth which showed “grooves formed by the passage of a pointed object…for cleaning the mouth.”  In other words, they used toothpicks. Pretty sophisticated behavior for the cave-dwelling brutes they are often depicted as. Another Reuters article posted on the internet the same day (9/12/2007) gave more startling discoveries about Neanderthals. It has been assumed by Darwinists that Neanderthals died out because of colder climate change and their inability to make adequate clothing. They assert that Cro-Magnons and Homo Erectus were more advanced, and therefore, better able to adapt. Newer research now shows Neanderthals to be expert tool-makers and seamstresses.  Never forget that the original examination of the first Neanderthal remains determined that they were modern humans with rickets and osteoporosis, not sub-human ape-men. Once again, what evolutionary scientists thought they “knew” gets refuted by the evidence.  This requires Darwin’s followers to scramble in an attempt to show why this new evidence doesn’t really mean what it appears to mean at face value. Creationists have no need to panic.  We have stuck to the same “story” all along—the Bible. Every discovery only further verifies God’s word.

Reuters (Madrid) “Turns Out Neanderthals Had Good Oral Hygiene.” Sep 11, 2007

Kahn, Michael. “Big Climate Change Did Not Kill Neanderthals.”  Reuters (London) Sep 12, 2007


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