Posted by: Rob Lester | October 18, 2010

On the wings of eagles

Isaiah chapter 40 describes how Israel felt that God had gotten weary of their sin and stopped watching over them. Isaiah firmly states that God does not grow weary in His duties or in mercy.  Verse 31 says those who wait upon God shall be strengthened and will “mount up with wings like eagles.”  Furthermore, they will not grow weary themselves.  Dr. Edward F. Blick, who served as a professor in the School of Aerospace at the University of Oklahoma, did extensive wind-tunnel studies at the university with eagles. Wayne Jackson wrote, “In doing research in 1971, Dr. Blick and his colleagues discovered that the eagle’s six-slotted feathers (at the end of each wing) curve upward in gliding flight. Wind tunnel measurements demonstrated that this design reduced the size of the vortex (whirling current) that emanates from each wing tip. This, in turn, reduces drag on the wings and allows the eagle to soar great distances on the air currents —without even having to beat its wings. Professor Blick, impressed with the accuracy of the Bible in this regard, stated: ‘Thus 2,700 years after the scripture in Isaiah was written, science has stumbled onto the same truth.’” God’s word is way ahead of us.  It truly is “the sum of all truth” as David said in Psa. 119:160.

From “Science and the Eagle’s Wings” by Wayne Jackson, Christian Courier (accessed) 4/28/10



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