Posted by: Rob Lester | October 20, 2010

Gypsy moths are still gypsy moths

Dr. Richard Goldschmidt worked for 20 years trying to get Gypsy moths to change into a different species of moth.  After 1 million breedings he said, “It cannot be done.”  He changed their diet, environment, temperature, and even subjected them to radiation.  If the best modern scientific minds working towards a determined end cannot do it, what makes anyone think random chance can do it by accident? God made all creatures “after their kind” and they will only reproduce more of their same kind.  A “kind” is a broader group than a species. It would be like a taxonomic “family.” Dog kinds (which would include dogs, coyotes, wolves, and dingoes) can reproduce with each other. Dogs cannot mate with cats. Never has science observed a family of creatures crossing over and becoming another family. This would have to happen millions of times if Darwinism were true.  But, nature better reflects what we read in the Bible—that man has always been a man.


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