Posted by: Rob Lester | October 23, 2010

A Lego universe

My third-grade son asked me how old the world was. I said that some people think the Bible seems to say less than 10,000 years. Other people think it took billions of years to make and form life on.  He asked why it would take so long. I said because all those chemicals and tiny little particles need that long to come together and build life, according to evolution.  He looked puzzled. I asked him if he left his messy room alone for a million years, did he think his clothes on the floor would fold and put themselves away.  He laughed and said no, but that would be pretty cool! I asked him if he dumped a box of Legos on the floor and left them alone if they would stick themselves together into a building. “Of course not, Dad!” I told him some people think the universe was made that way. If he found Legos arranged in the shape of a robot or something, he would assume someone put them together that way. We discussed “the chicken or the egg” conundrum. It made me realize that something so simple a third-grader could understand it, still eludes some of the most brilliant scientific minds of our time.  The creation can be understood by his young mind because God intended it to be understood.  His word is clear, if we will just open our minds to its truth. Jesus said, “Unless you become as children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of God.” Perhaps we must become like children to understand it, as well, and trust His word.


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