Posted by: Rob Lester | October 29, 2010

Catastrophic flood “allowed” on Mars but not Earth?

Studies of a large box canyon in Idaho has generated new theories about how box canyons are formed. Previously, it was believed they were formed by slow erosion of seeping groundwater over millions of years. Now, geologists deny that this could have moved large boulders adequately. They have determined it would require “megafloods—a catastrophic outpouring of massive amounts of water in a relatively short period.” They point to simultaneous collapses of multiple large lakes as the likely source of this flooding. The Idaho canyon is made up of basalt rock, as is much of the surface of Mars. Geologists wonder if similar megafloods would have carved the box canyons seen on the surface of Mars. How ironic that geologists will consider catastrophic floods on a grand scale on Mars (which still shows no proof of ever having liquid water) but laugh at the very idea of a global flood of the earth which is still mostly water today! The Bible tells us that the fountains of the deep and the waters of the heavens prevailed upon the surface of the earth for over a year as they fell and receded. Geology seems to finally be catching up with the Bible as to how these canyons were really formed.

Chandler, David. “Earth canyon hints at ancient megafloods on Mars” NewScientist: Space 22 May, 2008


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