Posted by: Rob Lester | November 1, 2010

Ferocious-looking vegetarian dinosaurs

In 2004, a fossil of the dinosaur Gryposaurus monumentensis was discovered in Utah. This 30 ft. long, duck-billed creature had over 800 teeth packed into its massive jaws. They suspect this fearsome-looking animal was a plant-eater, able to tear and crush woody plant material with its powerful eating equipment. But Terry Gates, author of the study on the new dinosaur, readily admits, “We just don’t know what this creature ate.”  And that’s the whole problem with making assumptions about fossil evidence. They rarely come with the whole creature’s remains intact and they certainly never come with videotape of its behavior. This is important in light of Genesis 1:30 where God declared that every animal (including man) was a vegetarian. It wasn’t until after the flood in Gen. 9:3 that God permitted animals to be eaten. Bible critics laugh at this, saying creatures like T. rex could never have been vegetarians. If we only saw the skulls of animals like giant pandas or bats we would assume by the ferocious teeth that they were carnivores (when they are obviously not). Pandas eat bamboo, and many species of bats eat only fruit. Bears have fierce teeth and do eat meat, but they can also do quite well on a vegetarian diet. T. rex’s teeth and jaws could have enabled him to eat tough plant material just like Gryposaurus. The point is, we don’t know what the diet of these animals was. We do have eyewitness testimony, however, from the one who made it all—God. Man is often uncertain and changes his opinion often. We can trust what the Creator  tells us about HIS creation.

“Duck-billed dinosaur had a big bite.” BBC News Oct. 3, 2007


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