Posted by: Rob Lester | November 3, 2010

Evolutionary overstatement of jaw pieces

Eleven teeth and some jawbone fragments found at a site in Kenya in 2005 made headlines as evidence of a “pre-human ancestor.”  Two articles (listed below) make it clear that this animal was some kind of ape, but evolutionists were breathless in their desire to link it to humans. Listen to some of the radical overstatements made by researchers. Martin Pickford, a paleontologist at the National Museum of Natural History in Paris cheerfully stated, “These fossils… are just what the doctor ordered for those of us interested in the divergence between the African apes and humans.”  Frederick Manthi, Senior Research Scientist at the museum in Kenya boldly asserted, “We can [now] comfortably say we are approaching the point at which we can pin down the so-called missing link.”  But he went on to admit, “We have to find more fossils from a cross-section of sites to sustain that particular theory.” Ah. So it quickly goes from “comfortably pinning down the missing link” to yet another unsupported theory. Yutaka Kunimatsu was even more honest and revealing. “It could be positioned before the split between gorillas, chimps, and humans.” Which would make it an ape, not a human or even a pre-human. Also notice the “could be.”  These sensational finds are always littered with “maybe, could be, possibly, widely believed, assumed to be,” etc. Kunimatsu also reminded everyone, “We only have some jaw fragments and some teeth…we will try to find bones below the neck to tell us how this animal moved.”  That never stopped determined evolutionists before. The discovery of “Nebraska Man” was only one lonely tooth, yet there was a full artist’s rendering of this creature just as you would expect from the evolutionary crowd—a hunched caveman with a strip of cloth across his waist carrying a crude spear over his hairy shoulder. Never mind that the tooth was determined to be from an extinct pig. Sadly, many readers would never make it past the sensational (and misleading) headlines which lead to the conclusion, “Yep, another missing link between monkeys and man has been found.”  We must be wary of anything written by human beings, especially those human beings with an agenda to support. We can only trust the divine word of the only Being capable of pure truth—God.

Nguyen, Katie. “Experts find jawbone of pre-human great ape in Kenya” Reuters 11/13/07

Viegas, Jennifer. “Mama, Is That You? Possible Ape Ancestor Found” Discovery News 11/12/07


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