Posted by: Rob Lester | November 5, 2010

Just leftover tails?

One of the alleged “proofs” that humans evolved from lower life forms is the existence of what are often called “vestigial organs.” They are organs and structures that once were vital for survival but have since become unimportant or useless. Examples such as the appendix and wisdom teeth are often cited. Another is the tailbone, or coccyx. Darwinists say this is the remnant of the tails we had as monkeys and apes. It shrank to the useless nub that remains on our bodies today. Medical science has found that it actually serves a vital function in humans today, however. It is an anchor point for lower abdominal muscles as well as the entire pelvic diaphragm. Evolutionists concede by saying that what they initially called “useless” has instead a “modified” function from its original purpose. This is nothing more than a guess (and a biased one at that). We see how quickly the evidence changes the tune from one of certainty over the tailbone’s uselessness to, “Well, it was just modified then.” I would suggest a different interpretation. I would argue that the tailbone has not been modified at all but is still performing the important function that God designed it to in the very first human being—Adam. Only the Bible tells us the real and true story of man’s origin.


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