Posted by: Rob Lester | November 10, 2010

Universes don’t “just happen”

The story is told of Benjamin Franklin (or some versions say it was Isaac Newton) entertaining an atheist friend one day in his study. His friend noticed an elaborate model of the solar system called an orrery. It was made of copper, wire, and gears which worked to spin the planets around the model of the sun. The friend was amazed by the fine craftsmanship, intricate detail, and precise function of the model. When he asked Franklin who made it, he mischievously replied, “Nobody. It made itself. It just happened.”  His friend exclaimed, “You must be joking!” To which Franklin replied, “So is the man who says the universe just happened.”  We can look at the incredible design and function of a laptop computer, or even a single microchip, and be amazed at it. We would never consider the possibility that the microchip formed itself and imprinted upon itself gigabytes of information. Yet, some believe in an even greater magic trick. That the universe formed itself out of random chaos. Edward Tryon (physics professor, author, and cosmologist) once famously said, “the universe is simply one of those things which happens from time to time.” Gospel preacher Roy Lanier addressed the apparent foolishness of the Big Bang theory as– “Nothing got busy and became something.” Rom. 1:20 indicates the evidence for God, the Grand Designer, is in every molecule of His creation.

Tryon, Edward P. “Is the Universe a Vacuum Fluctuation,” in Nature, 246(1973), pp. 396-397.


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