Posted by: Rob Lester | November 15, 2010

Biomimicry–Copying off God’s paper

A study entitled, “Bioinspiration and Biomimetics” was published in the May 2010 journal of the Institute of Physics. It documented ongoing research around the world concerning biomimicry (copying good ideas from nature). Some projects include: studying the remarkable night vision of the dung beetle in order to improve video images captured in dark environments; attempts to synthesize the adhesive secreted by the marine sandcastle worm which sticks to wet surfaces and could replace metal pins and screws used to repair shattered bones; a wind turbine modeled after the unique wing pattern of the bumblebee which could dramatically improve generation of electricity from current inefficient models; even studying termite mounds to find more efficient ways of heating and cooling man-made structures. We can’t do better than a Creator who can speak a universe into existence. We are slowly learning and relearning that fact.

Knight, Matthew. “Bat to the future: Biomimicry’s best designs from the animal kingdom” CNN News (online) June 24, 2010


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