Posted by: Rob Lester | November 17, 2010

Rapid coal formation

We have been told for decades that coal is formed by organic material subjected to extreme heat and intense pressure over hundreds of millions of years. But is this really necessary? “Coal has been produced experimentally in the laboratory from wood and peat. Most of these experiments have used reasonable geologic conditions of temperature (212–390°F, 100–200°C) and pressure (to simulate depth of burial). These experiments have succeeded in producing coal in just weeks of time. It appears time is probably not a significant factor in coal formation. The most important factors appear to be the quality of the organic material (peat), heat, and pressure (depth of burial).” Here is one of the several studies: S. Yao, C. Xue, W. Hu, J. Cao, C. Zhang, “A Comparative Study of Experimental Maturation of Peat, Brown Coal and Subbituminous Coal: Implications for Coalification,” International Journal of Coal Geology 66 (2006): 108–118. There have also been numerous discoveries of modern objects in supposedly millions-of years-old coal deposits. Iron pots, hammers, brass bells, even jewelry. These could not have become imbedded in the coal deposits unless coal formation is much faster than scientists earlier thought. The evidence and the numbers are constantly drawing nearer to the timescale indicated by the Bible.

Whitmore, John. New Answers Book 2 (chapter 23). Master Publishing: 2008.



  1. Finally someone who doesn’t just point out faults in the evolutionists’ arguments! For originality I give you a hi-5!

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