Posted by: Rob Lester | November 29, 2010

Mercury’s unexplained density

Now that Pluto has been demoted from planet status, Mercury is our smallest planet and the closest to the sun. It is also incredibly dense for a planet. It is believed that Mercury has an iron core which makes up 75% of its diameter. Current theories of planet formation will not allow for this, however. Basically, astronomers who believe planet formation takes millions if not billions of years say that Mercury simply hasn’t had enough time to be a dense as it is. Instead, they insist that billions of years ago a large object crashed into Mercury stripping off the less dense outer material (like a chocolate covered peanut—RL). The ONLY evidence for this collision is that if the universe is billions of years old, Mercury is not “supposed to be” that dense! So they have to come up with some wild catastrophe to explain it away. Here is how the evolutionary circular reasoning goes: Evolutionist—“The universe is billions of years old.” Creationist—“But, Mercury is too dense for that to be true.” Evolutionist—“Well, there must have been a collision breaking off the outer layers.” Creationist—“Why?” Evolutionist—“Because if not, then the universe must be younger than billions of years, and we know it can’t be.”  Those believing in billions of years increasingly are turning to catastrophism to explain the oddities we see in the universe (asteroid killed the dinosaurs, moon was blown off earth’s surface by collision, massive global floods wreaked havoc on Mars, etc.). Yet Bible believers are laughed at when they suggest that the evidence of the world around us proves a worldwide catastrophic flood. Mercury was created with its present density at the same time everything else was created. Just as the first pages of the Bible tell us.


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