Posted by: Rob Lester | December 1, 2010

Evolution may have required TWO (or more) “miracles”

A new study has determined “animal evolution may not always follow a trajectory from simple to complex.” Earth may have given rise to two distinct groups of animals: bilaterians — animals with bilateral symmetry, like humans — and non-bilaterians, which include corals, jelly fish, hydra, unusual, often poisonous, creatures known as cubozoans, and other organisms. The new research completely shakes up the non-bilaterian animal ordering. Previously it was thought that either super simple-structured sponges or comb jellies were at the root of the bilaterian animal tree. “So this means that if our work is right, nervous systems evolved twice: Once in the lineage leading to bilateria and once in the lineage leading to corals, jelly fish, hydra and cubozoa,” study co-author Rob DeSalle  said. Evolution of ALL life from a single organism is the heart and soul of Darwinism which is allegedly “proven” by the fossil record!  What an admission! “Well, we were wrong all along in our dogmatic assumption (again) but no big deal.” It brings to mind 1 Timothy 1:7 “wanting to be teachers…even though they do not understand either what they are saying or the matters about which they make confident assertions.” Blackstone agreed that, “evolution need not be progressive. Perhaps there are two fundamentally different kinds of animals.” If two, why not several?  Or even hundreds? The door has now been opened by an evolutionist to numerous created “kinds” just like the Bible says.

Viegas, Jenninfer. “Ancestor for all animals identified.” Discovery News 1/27/09


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